Mila Kunis’s $7,000 Golden Globes Facial

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With Mila Kunis up for her first Best Supporting Actress nod at the Golden Globes this Sunday, all that excitement could get to a girl’s skin! No fear—Kunis’s esthetician, Scott-Vincent Borba (inset) has it under control. One of the ways he’s preparing Kunis is by testing his new, not-yet-available $7,000 facial named the HD Diamond and Ruby Peel on the Black Swan star. “I always do [this on] her skin, neck, décolleté, arms, and the back of her hands—anything that will be possibly showing with her dress,” Borba told InStyle. Continue reading

Eat Your Way to Flawless Skin Like Katherine Heigl’s

[tiImage width=”300″ height=”400″ url=”” credit=”Jim Spellman/Getty Images” align=”left” border=”1″ alt=””]Celebrity dermatologist Jessica Wu swears by certain skin-friendly foods, and if her gorgeous client list—including Katherine Heigl and Maria Bello—is any indication, she’s really on to something. For the porcelain-skinned Heigl, a big Italian food fan, Wu suggested opting for whole-wheat pasta with tomato-based sauce containing skin-boosting green and yellow veggies instead of regular pasta with cream sauce. “Studies have shown that people who eat more green and yellow veggies have fewer wrinkles on their faces, especially crows’ feet,” Wu says. Good to know! For more of Wu’s skin-care advice, check out her book Feed Your Face, in stores February 1st.

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