Beyonce’s Birkin Christmas

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Jay-Z stopped by the HermA?s store in New York City on Christmas Eve, and reportedly spent $350,000 on Birkin bags and other gifts for his wife, Beyonce Knowles, according to Page Six. If his whole shopping spree was just for Beyonce, than she definitely had a happy holiday weekend! How about youa��what was the best thing you received for the holidays this year? Family time and good cheer? An amazing pair of shoes? Cashmere-lined gloves? (The last one was our personal holiday fave.) Tell us in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Birkin Christmas

  1. Unfortunately, I did not get a Christmas present. And I believe there are thousands like me all over the country. I don’t envy Beyonce, but why would anyone need a number of Birkins at least $7,000 a piece? The $300,000 could have fed a homeless shelter occupants for a year.

  2. I’m sure they donate to many org. ,if the shoe was on the other foot someone may be saying what u should do with ur money

  3. it may be their money but its still a waste. and to Mimi, so sorry you did not get a gift for Christmas, if I knew you I would have given you one.

  4. As far as what Jay-Z decided to do again with HIS money, first and foremost…this is a giving couple, who has donated millions of dollars to several organizations……Please Mimi, do your research before judging!!!!

  5. My best present was the Sweetness dress from Reiss! I consider that a pretty extravagant present and was totally overwhelmed by it.
    I agree with most of the comments above, if I was earning billions I’d be building schools, hospitals, orphanages, helping people start their own businesses, and LOVING the fact that I could help. No one needs that many luxury items, surely!

  6. Mimi its sad u and many others didn’t get a gift n how dat $300,000 can feed a shelter for a year BUT its holiday season n a time to love.
    They r a couple loving and sharing n above all its their hard earned cash so its OK!
    Moreover they are engaged in a number of charities.

  7. How absolutely tacky that they let it “slip” to the press and now it is celebrity gossip. It a time of economic downturn and high unemployment, this usually classy couple could have tuned it down a tad.

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